Regular Servicing - keep things running sweet

Regular servicing is important for your vehicle to ensure that your engine is running correctly, that there are no problems with the brakes, that the tyres are inflated to the correct pressures and the filters are changed regularly. With the correct adjustments the engine will run efficiently with better fuel consumption and fewer chances of problems.

Servicing is also necessary where you have a warranty - missing a specified service interval can be very costly.

You should have your car or bike serviced at the manufacturer's recommended service intervals. If you have with an older vehicle don't be tempted to skip services - if anything, the oldies needs more regular servicing. It may end up being more expensive in the end!
We do the standard checks and replacement of oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, all according to the manufacturer's schedule. We also cover all the safety related items - brakes, steering, suspension, tyres and pressure, lighting, windscreen wipers. 

Don't forget that a Warrant of Fitness check is not the same as a service. The WOF gives you basic safety checks needed to be legal on the road. The service looks after your vehicle and protects your investment.